Website Analysis

“Excellent experience working with Lucia. She is a highly valuable member of any team bringing a wealth of professionalism, expertise and knowledge. She is very helpful as well as being very thorough and has exceptional attention to detail. A joy to have worked with on the first stage of our project and after I have completed some background work in preparation for the second stage I will definitely be rehiring. Thank you Lucia, you should be very proud of the service you provide!”

She also added in a private message after thanking her for the recommendation:

“Aw you’re more than welcome Lucia. I loved your review / report that you put together for me. It was very professional and shows why you are so good at what you do. A lot of people don’t take the time to plan a strategy before they dive in but you do and that makes the difference. :)”



Sarah Olsen
United Kingdom
Website Analysis
July 2015