Film Translation

22 September 2008

To whom it may concern,
We have recently enlisted the talent of Lucia Gayon to create the Spanish translation of dialogue subtitles for our most recent feature film production, The Dark Room (El Cuarto Obscuro). We are extremely impressed with the quality, professionalism and accuracy of her work, and amazed by the speed at which the work was accomplished.

The demands for feature film translation are very challenging; they must accurately reflect the words that the character has spoken, yet at the same time capture the subtext and meaning that is intended by the character. And above all of this, the same length of time must be respected to match the pace of the character’s speech. This is an intricate balance that only a very skilled and articulate linguist and writer can achieve and Mme. Gayon does this with great ease and skill. We are very confident in her work and very glad to recommend her to any prospective employer or contractor for any work that requires Spanish translation.

Yours truly,

Francois Aubry
Executive producer