We hired the services from ComunicaSoluciones to re-design our dental website. We did not only get a modern and attractive design but Lucía and her team came up with a new creative strategy. Our website is an educational tool for our readers and patients, who do not only learn about our services, but it gives them valuable information about how the services would help them.

The website has a good balance between content and images, it has a fresh looking appearance.

Lucía introduced a tool to help our patients implement the Flossing Challenge as this is the best way to prevent tooth decay and other dental issues. The Flossing Challenge is an educational system, through email marketing, that gives practical information about this subject.

ComunicaSoluciones implemented SEO strategies in March 2017 and by May 2017 most of the key words were already placed in the first page of Google.

Through our blog (News section) of the website we are continuing to educate our readers providing them articles about dental health. Lucía also implemented a social media strategy where we also publish our educational material and keep in touch with our friends or followers.

We like Lucia´s work because she is prompt, creative and competitive. She also helps with other marketing giving advice. I would highly recommend her.

Dr. Alan Macdonald